Abutilon theophrasti

Abutilon theophrasti is an herb in the mallow family with pretty yellow flowers that is introduced from India and mainly occurs in agricultural fields.

Scientific Name:Abutilon theophrasti
Synonym:Abutilon theophrastii
Common Name:Velvet-leaf
Authority: Medikus.
Etymology:Abutilon is from the Greek word "aubutilun" and was named by Arabic scholar Avicenna, thought to be the father of modern medicine, and theophrasti is named after the Greek scientist Theophrastus (370-285 BC), often considered the father of botany.
C Value:*
# of Species in  
Genus in Illinois:
Flower Type:Perfect
Flower Shape:Actinomorphic (radially symmetrical)
Flower # of Parts:5
Flower Color:Yellow
Growth Habit:Forb
Leaf Arrangement:Alternate
Leaf Type:Simple
Leaf Shape:Ovate (widest below middle)
Leaf Shape Term:
Leaf Margin:Toothed
Leaf Toothing:shallowly dentate
Stem Surface:Pubescent
Twig Characteristics:Herbaceous
Habitat:Roadside, Fields
Distribution:BONAP Distribution Map
Status (State):Not Listed
Status (Federal):Not Listed
ID Tips:The large leaves and relatively small yellow flowers (compared to Hibiscus), make this an easy plant to identify.
Gee Whiz:The fruits were used to made impressions on butter, leading to another common name, butter-print. Native to India.

Sometimes called farmer's friend because the large, soft leaves can be used as a substitute for toilet paper when nature calls while working on the farm fields.  

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