List of program and workshop options
A Day in the Life of a Field Biologist
Botanical Humor: You Never Knew Plants Were So Funny
Botany 101 (designed for Master Naturalist training)
Ecology of Spring Ephemeral Wildflowers
Flora and Fauna of Southern Illinois
Flora of the Illinois Coastal Plain
Hidden Natural Treasures of Illinois
Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Update: A Project to Find New Natural Areas in Illinois
Natural Areas of Southern Illinois
Natural Communities of Illinois
Natural Divisions of Illinois
Plant Blindness: What is it and what can we do?
Plant Monitoring 101
Rare and Showy Plants of the Chicago Region and the Habitats That Support Them
Rare Plants of Southern Illinois
Reptiles and Amphibians of Southern Illinois
Trees and Shrubs of Illinois
Twig Identification
Wild Ferns of Southern Illinois
Wild Orchids of Illinois
Wildflowers for the Home Garden

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