Acer negundo

Acer negundo is a very common tree in Illinois that can be easily distinguished by it's opposite leaves, compound leaves, and green twigs.

Scientific Name:Acer negundo
Common Name:Box Elder
Authority: Linneaus
Etymology:Acer = sharp-tasting, acid (acrid) negundo = Sanskrit name for a tree with leaves like box elder
C Value:1
# of Species in  
Genus in Illinois:
Flower Type:Imperfect
Growth Habit:Woody
Leaf Arrangement:Opposite
Leaf Type:Compound
Leaf Margin:Lobed
Leaf Toothing:Toothed
Flower Color:Inconspicuous
Habitat:floodplain forests, along creeks, and in degraded areas
Distribution:BONAP Distribution Map
Status (State):Not Listed
Status (Federal):Not Listed
ID Tips:The only Maple with compound leaves and leaves can have 3 or 5 leaflets.
Gee Whiz:Maple wood was sharp and used to make spears. The genus is sometimes placed in the Sapindaceae.