Clitoria mariana

Common Name:Butterfly Pea
Authority: Linnaeus
Etymology:The genus name “Clitoria” comes from the Greek word “kleitoris,” which refers to the shape of the flower resembling female genitalia, and “mariana” possibly refers to a woman Linnaeus was courting when he named this plant.  It is called butterfly pea because it is a plant in the pea family, but surprisingly, it is not frequented by butterflies.  Rather, the expanded banner looks like a butterfly.
C Value:9
# of Species in  
Genus in Illinois:
Flower Type:Perfect
Growth Habit:Forb
Leaf Arrangement:Alternate
Leaf Type:Compound
Leaf Margin:Entire
Leaf Toothing:Entire
Flower Color:Purple
Habitat:Dry sandy soil, Sun or part shade
Status (State):Not Listed
Status (Federal):Not Listed
ID Tips:Can be confused with Centrosema virginianum, which has upside down flowers, the banner pointing downward, however Clitoria mariana stands erect
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